SCENT OF A WOMAN: And why I was prodded to list the things I want to accomplish before I die

After several days of watching it up ‘till the wee hours of the night I finally hit the finale of this Korean Drama – Scent of a Woman, you know at times when I’m depressed and just don’t want to get out to see the world I kill up time sniffing over dramas – I find it a lighter alternative to reading not to mention that I find this a practical way to learning Korean language – yes, this is where I’ve mastered my Korean greetings and expressions, lol. – aigooo!

You know why I love Korean Dramas? The plots are so simple and uncomplicated – it’s doesn’t require much of you yet it points straight right at where you’re vulnerable at – Scent of a Woman made me cry every episode of it – the writer, the director, the actors were so good – though I find their names hard to pronounce and remember – I find it otherwise memorizing their faces.

Scent of a Woman is about an average not-so-strong willed, practically not a pretty woman based on social standards, working her butt out to make a living in a travel agency, she endured all her tormentors for a decade just so she can stay on her job, but when she found out she had cancer and was given 6 months to live, she resigned with a bang, used her savings, travel and live life the way she wanted it to be.

There are so many twists in the story that made me glued to it – I highly recommend it - if you have time feed this CD in your player – it’s really a good catch.

Maybe I was destined to watch this drama – I was prodded to draw the things I should accomplish before I my last curtain call.

It made me realize that life indeed is too short, if you can do it now – then do it. Sometimes we worry so much what future would bring us, we prepare so much for the future – but this drama made me realized that hell, so long as we’re living we can always find a way to survive – that’s what human’s core are made of – our too much worrying of the things that’ll happen tomorrow sometimes made people greedy – but if we think of just living it up for today, live life as if today is your last day – you’ll find fulfillment and satisfaction.

So much I’ve pondered on this drama – the other side of the plot spotlighted the life of a doctor – that while patients look up to them for cure, they’re not God that can tell what future brings to a certain life – they’re also bounded by humans limited comprehension of the wonders of our existence.

Not to mention that, hey, I want to learn Tango too… hahaha.

I love how the writer|director put on the finale, it’s wasn’t so disparaging nor so judgmental – though quiet a weird thinking I have, I realized having to contract a cancer in whatever form is much more humbling than passing through quick and painless death – though painful and hurting on the family seeing you go slowly, but isn’t it providential to accomplish a little more things – asking forgiveness to those you’ve wronged and forgive those that wronged you, seeing the place you want to see and make use of the time you’re living to catch-up with the most essential things to do before finally letting go?

More than the love story is the life’s practical lesson I’ve learned from this drama, it’s worth the cry!


  1. Hilig pud diay kang koreanovela ma'am vernz? Hehehe

    Mag may time ko try ko aning scent of a woman...

    Happy New Year po!

  2. Waaa, you had me teary eyed just reading your post alone. Unsa na lang kaha kung makita nako ang movie. Kapayason gyud kong dako! Hahaha.

    Will look for that movie for sure!

  3. Parang ang hirap ng tango ate hahaha.. Chacha lang ang kaya ko lol.


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