Just because a soap is endorsed by a beauty queen or a celebrity they’re also the best for your skin. It is an open secret that commercial soaps even how mild manufacturers coat it to be still contain unpronounceable synthetic chemicals that are harsh for the skin, and upon knowing this a lot of people has waken up and has shifted to using organic soap bars which are made of natural ingredients and uses no harmful chemicals and animal fats. It generally has no side effects since it uses ingredients coming from food and nature, they’re not artificially perfumed that’s it is very safe to use especially to those allergic to scents. Those who advocate living a ‘green life’ - this is the best soap option you can get to press on your agenda, since all ingredients are natural it follows that it’s eco-friendly, it also has its healing properties – nature provides countless benefits to humans and what can be more therapeutic than feeding those on your skin.

I’m an avid user of natural soaps, my trip to a bazaar here in Davao City on Dec 7 has brought me to know ‘Natural Concoctions’ it’s a line of premium, natural handmade soaps that offer a variety of organic soaps … here take a look.

I’ll be reviewing all of these, but I’m taking my time to feel the skin effect of each of these variants.I’m now on my second week to using HAPPY HONEY; it’s one of the premium handmade soap variants ‘Natural Concoction’ has.

HAPPY HONEY contains Pure olive oil, Extra virgin coconut oil, Castor oil, Sunflower oil, Shea butter, Raw wild honey, Lemon extract, Macadamia nut oil, Grapefruit fragrance oil, Distilled Water and Lye.

The key benefits to using one is that it has its anti-bacterial property, its whitening, it’s nourishing and my most favored one it’s extra moisturizing.

The reason why your skin would feel so tight after you take a shower or bath with commercial soap its because … it strip off the natural moisturizing oils from your skin, this feeling then is followed by your next beauty ritual reaching out for a bottle of lotion. Believe me HAPPY HONEY let’s you save a bottle of lotion - again with synthetic ingredients and saves you a fraction of your time, it does not leave your skin tight, it has this ultra natural honey whiff and most of all it is natural.

So ladies out there, if you're looking for eco-friendly soap to complete your beauty regimen, try Natural Concoctions ... I highly recommend it!

For orders you can visit their blog at www.naturalconcoctionssoap.blogspot.com or call this number 09215804883


  1. wow, I would love to try! naa man kaha libre te...ehehhee!

    hope all is well...madaygon ko kadali!

  2. with those oils in the soaps, im sure it will completely moisturize the skin.

    have a happy Christmas, mam vernz.

  3. Soap is one thing I could hardly leave without. In 1 month, I could consume 3 to 4 soaps sizing 135g each. That's how I hoard with soaps.

    I've been using different variant. It would be good to try this kind of organic soaps. It's rare a soap is efficient to reduce the blemishes of my skin.

  4. Thanks for sharing this to me too. I haven't tried it but will do soon. <3

    Merry Christmas Mommy!


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