As an experienced winter walker, sometimes walking in very extreme conditions, I have to say I haven’t yet found a “one size fits all situations” type of boot.

But also; I’ve learned the hard way that to get your boots right for winter walking is absolutely vital; far more so than for the other seasons (that’s not to say these aren’t important – but they aren’t as likely to be life threatening!).

In winter, if you are only day walking in good conditions and know what the route and weather are likely to have in store, you’ll probably be OK with with heavy leather hiking boots. 

Just remember to wear the best thermal socks you can buy, with room for your feet and toes to move around a little (but not too much). With most leather boots, you can fit a crampon if the conditions warrant them, but they’re probably not needed unless you’re planning to go very high and there’s a lot of snow and ice. But if it's exceptionally cold or you are planning to camp out and/or walk overnight, leather hiking boots won’t be adequate. This is because of their tendency to absorb up water during the day and freeze during the night, making it difficult or impossible to get them on in the morning.

For serious mountain walking and overnighters, plastic double boots are the probably the wisest choice. Don’t be tempted to buy get ice climbing boots, as these are too stiff for walking. Also, be extremely careful about your brands; some plastic boots aren't really designed for extreme conditions so go with a quality brand like Craghoppers or any other recommended by a reputable dealer who is able to give you genuine professional advice.

Also – once you’ve bought them, wear the boots as much as you possibly can – around the house, walking around the shops; whatever. The more you break them in and make them the boots for your feet – the better they’ll serve you in extreme weather conditions.


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