I saw this trending at Twitter I got curious thinking, oh, what did Manny has done again to have his wife’s name en vogue topic worldwide, oh well, it’s always a man’s fault, lol. My curiosity landed me on this page with this photo.

Huwaaaaw! Is this really Jinkee Pacquiao? If so, did she ever have that second thought – Am I really this on photo? I just thought she would do ala Drew Barrymore who attempted to sue her publicist after seeing her photos she can’t even recognize herself.

What Belo, the make-up artists, the stylist, the photoshop artists did was truly a work of art … perfect art … they all did a great job … transformation in the truest sense of the word … I actually don’t know if you’ll take that as an appreciation or a cynistic approach me addressing this photo …. But gracious heavens, isn’t this just too much? I mean overly photoshopped and all, She looked liked someone else, but whatever it is … her January look is a true personification of beauty and techno at the zenith of convergence - common woman's mind to 21st century beauty.

I’ve long have thought there’ll be days like these in her life, but I never thought she’ll be as gorgeous as she appeared on this cover, yah, I'm dropping my F mind for a while .... Gorgeous!


  1. I was shocked when I saw this one...hahhaha...napangit na nuon sya...ka taas sa iyo liog mura nuon sya ug giraffe...lol!

    happy new year teVernz and family...hope all is well...sensya na te karon lang naka visit...mamawi rako soon....:) dalikyat lang ko kadyot!

  2. nyahahaha nakatawa ko sa comment ni Dhemz...bitaw oi, mura man ug di si jinkee na noon..nausab man ang nawong...maski ang eyes, di man nako ma recognize hehe.

    pasensya na Vernz, hastang bisiha namo tungod sa among flight na 24 hours delayed, nya nangawala amo bagahe...naka tulog lagi mi sa hotel sa london pero wa jud koy dala gamit, walay panty etc etc.. kafaet...

    nakuha namo ang bagahe last Thursday lang, ang mga chocolates nangalata, napisat kauban sa lotion, sabon...etc... ang napuslan ra kay kadtong naa sa box nga chocolate, pero ang mga bars, ngil-ad kaayo tan-awon... dili man gud aircon ang storage sa NAIA. miabot mi davao walay dalang bagahe, dayon mibalik mi maynila kay amo gi check if miabot na ba among bagahe...almost 2 weeks una sad miabot... kafaet..


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