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I just knew now that after many attempts, Walgreens and Express Script were not able to extend and come up with a win-win agreement after their business contract had expired on Dec. 31, 2011. So in effect, Walgreens will no longer be part of the Express Scripts’ pharmacy service program effective January 1, 2012. While this circumstance will pose some discomforts among Walgreens patrons that used Express Scripts’ medication care program, Walgreens, being the largest drugstore chain in the United States of America assured its valued clients that they will still get the same quality service they been enjoying before despite this poignant development.

As a reinforcement measure to those that are direly impacted by this move, Walgreens has put up the Walgreens Prescription Savings Club, you will still avail similar, even better benefits you’ve been previously enjoying, great savings are up and can be availed on your purchase on over 8,000 branded and generic medications when you join the club.

Sign-up for a family membership right now for only $10 a year, that’ll cover everyone in your immediate family including your pet. Individuals can sign-up too for only $5 a year that’ll entitle you to receive enormous discounts on all your prescriptions whole year round.

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