I just scored a new pair of running shoes today and I’m quiet happy, though not really that important requirement for me to start my running stint as I’ve scored previously a pair and it’s still serving me fine, blame it to women’s impulses I can’t help it but serve my little happiness so I carted it out.

I said it’s enough for the week, I have to put off my plan of buying further but I got swayed by this somewhat taupe mannequin dressed in braided spaghetti strap with loose cloth flower appliqué tucked at the based of the strap, it looked so dainty and so romantic, perhaps it looked so because of the subdued lighting effects on the display window, before I knew it I was circling around the store shelves looking for some other designs on display.

More often than not brand and designs matter most to women, in fact, some would risk their lives rummaging around the crowd just to get one, but on normal circumstance I’d say physical set-up matters too especially if women are as petite as me. Retail stores should consider that most Asian women are physically short, so they shouldn’t display their merchandise at a point where you’ll have stiff neck after you’ve wandered around the store, they should put on display racks at a level women can easily reach the hanger. I don’t shop on stores where you have to call often the saleslady to stick-up the dress for you, I hated that – it takes time.

Now here’s some good news to retail stores who would want to consider my sentiments, this online Retail Resource store has all the display fixtures you might need for your next shop, this online store offers display tables and shelving, apparel racks, platforms and pedestal, jewelry and accessories rack and many more, they have the best priced items online too.

Gone were the days where retail stores only care about the bulk of the merchandise they’re going to dispose, today, women, who by the way now comprised 75% of the buying decisions across economy and practically powers the apparel retail industry, demands more than just the name and quality of the merchandise, I’ve just shared you one.


  1. no budget for shopping at the moment...nahurot na..hehe..TY sa laag. basig tan-aw ka sa pic ni BF..tua sa A woman's note. hehe

  2. Lol. I can relate to you. I am also an impulsive buyer...

  3. I am also an impulsive buyer that is why I stay away from malls unless I need to buy something important.

    Thank you also for the compliment Mommy. Hehehe... You brighten my day!!


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