We often rate fashion with hit or miss, it’s a hit if it perfectly blend well with everything around the wearer and it’s a miss – if it doesn’t go well with the beholder’s eye.

Granting we work around this premise in judging this piece of clothing, how do you rate it? Waaahhh, seriously, first, I can’t take the idea that the person next to me will commit sin, second, I can’t stand him having mind orgasm, third, I can’t stand wearing no undies my dear – I can’t walk on clouds, sakit ang mabut-dan ug tiyan, tungod sa hangin. lol. Fourth, hmmm.. Don’t you feel it’s lovelier if you have dimples right at your rear … you know smiling butt looks prettier, don’t they? Perhaps I’ll have mine done.

Really, I kept laughing looking at this style. If I’ll be transported to another galactic universe and getting around is fine naked, then I should endure, hahaha!

Brilliant cut, found it at Etsy, unfortunately its all sold out.

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