Bunting looks absolutely fabulous at all sorts of parties and occasions. It is easy to make, affordable and can be personalised to your own taste. Many brides are using these trendy vintage decorations to decorate both the indoor and outdoor areas at their weddings.

If you decide to make your own wedding bunting then it is probably a good idea to use paper as your medium. Using fabric and sewing the bunting together is extremely time consuming, especially when you have to make enough for a large room or garden. Why not have a girly night with your bridesmaids and create your bunting over a glass or wine and a good chat.

Choosing Materials

Find a selection of papers in colours that fit in with your theme. Scrapbook papers are ideal as you can get many different shades and patterns. One bride who I knew wanted a really vintage wedding and so she cut her bunting flags from old newspapers and vintage posters. It was a real talking point on the big day and it looked wonderful.

Easy Paper Bunting Tutorial


  • A5 scrapbook paper pad (I chose purple to match my purple bridesmaid’s dresses)
  • 4 metres of ribbon
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Pen
  • Guillotine or scissors
  • Ruler

  • Tear a piece of the scrapbook paper from the pad. Place it portrait, with the pattern facing downwards on to a flat work surface.
  • Place your ruler across the top edge and make a pencil mark at the half way point. Next place your ruler diagonally from the bottom left corner to the mark you made at the top of the paper and then draw a line. Do the same again but from the bottom right corner. You should then have a nice triangle drawn on your paper.
  • Use a guillotine or some scissors to cut out your newly drawn triangular flags. Repeat this on 10 to 15 different pieces of paper until you have a selection of beautiful flags.
  • Now place your flags on your work surface pattern side up. Stick a length of your double sided sticky tape across the top and peel off the backing paper.
  • Next stick your ribbon on to the tape and attach your flags at regular intervals. Leave a gap of approximately 2 inches between each.
  • Tie a ring in the ribbon at each end so that it is easy to hang.
About the author:
Sophie has been crafting since she was a teenager. She especially loves to write about wedding crafts and works with a great Asian wedding venue.

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