Many people turn to unconventional methods in times of confusion as they approach a crossroads in their life, whether this is through reading horoscopes every week or considering the powers of other areas of mystique. Tarot cards have been used for roughly 500 years as a way of looking to the future and still prove popular amongst spiritualists today. Many of the cards have meanings that perhaps differ from what you might expect, so let’s take a look at some of the well-known tarot cards and the meanings behind them.

The Fool
This card doesn’t mean quite what you might think; it is a signal for new beginnings and the fool is not affected by what others may be saying. The fool may make mistakes throughout this new journey but will gain invaluable knowledge as a result of them.

When people see the death card, they often start to panic but this card is widely misinterpreted by beginners. The death card actually signifies transformation, allowing something to leave in order to make way for a new and exciting alternative. This card can also be a warning to those who are struggling to let go of something as once they do, they could find something different and even better is waiting to replace it.

The World
On the face of it, many would presume that this card encompasses a wide array of emotions and aspects of life, however it is a card that shows you are in control and that all facets of your life are working together to create contentment.

The Lovers
It would be easy to presume that this card is simply about love, sex and relationships but there is a lot more complexity to this card than first meets the eye. It is symbolic of the power that love can wield, sometimes not always in a positive way.

The Devil
Despite the multiple negative connotations associated with the devil, producing this card does not necessarily spell bad news for your future. The devil card represents the idea that nobody is perfect; we each have positive and negative traits and we are each able to take control and responsibility for our actions. 

If you are considering taking up tarot card reading as a hobby, or perhaps even going to see an experienced tarot card reader, ensure you understand the basic meaning behind the cards to avoid any immediate panic or confusion.

Sophie has a keen interest in horoscopes, tarot cards and numerology and highly recommends those spiritually minded individuals to delve a little deeper into the history of astrology and other related areas.

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