Yeah, I was victimized again not by anyone shrewd around but by myself … hahaha. Call it an upshot of impulse buying, actually my ‘elder’ running shoe of the same brand still work perfectly fine, it has served me for some 6 months already and it hasn’t failed me yet, I'm so loving this brand. It’s just that, you know this feeling that ‘you just want it’ … nothing of special occasion or anything of that sort neither I’m suffering from CBD or even close to that,  just ladies buying impulse disguised as reward to self for feeling so awesome with life, that I think is a perfect excuse, I’ll try running on with this pair.

I have a feeling World Balance will take me to the finishing line again! Aja!


  1. wow so nice the running shoes, how much in usd? I still looking for on but pricey here I need to buy one to go playground for walk cost USD50 or more depend brand

  2. ayay! unsay size nimo te kau muoulos ko...hehehe...nice pair!


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