Yeah, did a bit of stage mothering today, though I don’t normally do this so my kids can manage stuff on their own, there are times when extra hands and mama powers are really needed and today is just one of those times [actually all the time].

The kids had their school culminating activity they call ‘Sama-Sama’ or getting together; it’s this time of the year where every grade level will perform as a class with their parents, relatives and visitors etc. as their audience, simply saying I should be there to look at my son dance.

At their school quadrangle, I knew summer is here as this Talisay tree leaves begins to fall off;

Just when parents are more anxious than the student performer themselves, expect some panicky ones getting a good view and raising her|his hands with a camera on.

Sharing here a video of my son’s class performance, forgive my wobbly hands, I can’t just stand a tripod in the middle of the parent crowd, yeah, I’m just one of those who raise hands with a camera on … hahaha.

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