I just had a hearty conversation with a friend who after several months of thinking decided to finally sign-in the marriage contract with her long-time live-in partner. I was yelling out loud over the phone ‘has bad air gotten on your head?’

She actually share the same thought as mine that so long as hetero partners design for themselves rules, agreed or enter an agreement between their partnership there’s no need for any exhausting, financially draining marriage ritual to be done, we’re self-professed not-so feminists and that to us marriage is suppose to be just a venue to perpetuate human specie and consequently for the continuity of human society, nothing coercive, submissive or kind of that usual marriage thing we’ve grown to believe.

But to our dismay we’re born long after the templates of how women should live their lives has been put into place, that while we challenge such an institution, we’re likely to be subjected to prejudiced notion of social mutiny and that at the end of the day, whether we like it or not we’re pawns of this so called social arrangement.

On a larger picture, what can we do? We need all these so-called legal-marriage papers to do business with other organizations of this society, so before they knew it they’re already looking for cheap wedding rings for next month’s ceremony, I guess the best thing I can do is to guard our rights and be part of this so-called woman’s support system.

Sometimes, I can’t help it but find myself at fault for studying and learning so much about this stuff, had I just been an idiot I guess my life comes in less complicated, maybe somewhere in my second life I got to design my own social set-up.

But meantime I think I just have to go with flow, hence my idea is that if you’re planning to join the institution I’m talking about you need to bring in together lotsa stuff, first your wedding ring, there are cheap wedding rings available online today, your choice of material and design. for instance housed elegant and classy weddings rings you can use to exchange ‘I dos’, check out their site to see their great collection. 

All the best Friendo!

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  1. Wedding rings not need to be expensive. Having something to symbolized your union is enough, but not to the point of having sky rocket tag price!

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