Your next Artlashes

Forget about Kim Kardashian's lashes, here’s something cuter than that, here’s what I found at, it’s this online store I spend my mornings looking for something I don’t know, they sell this and call it paperself lashes, yeah, they’re these extremely intricate paper lash extensions which are made of a very, very delicate special paper, laser-cut forming lovely figures - Peonies, Peach Blossom, under the sea, etc. This art is inspired by 19th century French silk bobbin lace and the century old Chinese art of paper cutting.

This costs £11.99, but if you think that’s too dear or can’t wait for it to be delivered at your doors, oh well, getting your sharpest and tiniest scissors paired with magnifying glasses or anything related can probably do wonders, 'don’t cut-out the paper doll too big, I can’t see a thing,' hahaha, I won’t be surprised if you’ll come out oozing with your Gaga-factor a hundred fold. Love it!

L-R: Peonies, Peach Blossom and Deer & Butterfly

L-R: Under the Sea and Peacock


  1. toink! mura man noon ko napuling mag tan-aw..nyahaha. naa ba kaha na diri.. i'll buy one pair hehe.

    btw: bitaw Vernz, malipay ko if maka shot ko ug close-ups nga clear kaayo..pero daghan lang japon blurry if close-up shots hehe. more practice pa aning akong kurog nga kamot hehe.

    TY sa laag.

  2. matay, murag di pud ko magpabutang ana ui...pero ug libre, why not? kuk late na from bpc!

  3. hahhaha...hala ka no? kuyawa jud ani...ehehhee...makalingaw!

  4. i have never seen this before its beautiful and a great way o really make your eye stand out

  5. the butterfly are my favorite and i agree it s a great way to make your eyes stand out

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