BEST SUMMER WEDGES, on a discount

It’s officially summer on this part of the world and fashionistas right here right now are fully engaged to mixing and matching perfect outfit to beat up the summer sun. 

I suppose you’re now imagining your summer look and getting busy doing trips to women’s section at your favorite department stores looking for ‘just right’ sundress, accessories and other coordinated thingy for your summer adventure. Whether you choose to be on the beach or an uphill adventure, mini or maxi dress, giant sun or bucket hats, baggy, denim or boyfriend shorts, light or heavy tinted UV protective Jackie-Os, one thing you shouldn’t miss buying – your coolest summer shoe.

Though are a lot, a zillion of them actually, of summer foot wears you can fit in right now but in the end, I, for one thing always go for wedge shoe, since I’m petite, the wedge heel gives me that elevated feeling with a stable stand, besides it so light, especially the ones made with cork, perfect for sun-walking around. They’re actually, fashion-wise, very safe to use. You can wear them on parties with your formal summer dress on, or with your shorts, or your sundress of varied styles – they’re just perfect match.

With my quest to finding the best summer wedges, I found these lovelies at Bloomingdales, they’re to die for, they’re a bit pricey, but I promised myself not to hold back on things that are pretty, :) besides I can use a Bloomingdales coupon code to get this ‘happiness’ at a discounted price. So don’t hold back, flaunt that sexy foot matched with these awesome wedges this summer.

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So there, envisage your summer foot look right now and get it a discount.


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