I was at the mall yesterday, I thought of finding some new top I could wear at a friend’s recognition day, she’s going up the stage to receive her 10-year service award, yes, she lasted that long just sitting on her swivel and do leg work from time to time, anyway, at first I thought of buying one from www.igigi.com, but I was thinking the item won’t arrive in time for the occasion, so I tripped at my fave dept. store, there were a variety of styles at the rack, countless that I could not find even one – I have figured out what design I want though but then again as always my shopping dilemma would be - ‘no size available for me’. So I always end up looking at the ladies’ department special section – the plus size section.

It’s quiet a pain to admit I’ve gotten a size higher, but I guess I’m not alone in this tight spot, I’ve made friends on that section in fact, while I grump over an XL-sized pants, they seem to be content commanding sales clerk to get them double my size - triple XL, they seem not to care, it drew some thoughts on me – I’m a plus size, so what?

That voluptuous lady might have understood what’s bothering me while painfully looking at her – she moved to another rack next to me and said, ‘it’s just a relief to know that designers and manufacturers now  acknowledge the fact that not all ladies in this world are born anorexic, or else we will be restrained in eating what we wanted to eat and end up at the textile section, do metered cloths and have them sewn on purpose for our size, that would be a hassle’.

I guess accepting and taking it from here would make things a lot lighter, I’m plus size but living a beautiful life, Aja!

Oh wait, don’t be too stern with yourself, there are actually online stores that serve plus size clothing to ladies like us, www.igigi.com housed all the gorgeous designer clothes ever for voluptuous and plump women, their designs were made purposely to make us fabulous even with extra flesh around, check it out, I’m about to cart-out this Diana Infinity dress in snake print, it looks so luxurious and lightweight.


  1. yay! midako na diay ka Vernz? waaa..pag diet oi..hehe anyway, di ka pa comment didto sa on this side of town? ako gi pangita si Lean didto, ambot oi, asa dapita kay di ko kaklaro hehehe. Naa naka binata Vernz...hehe

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog.Really looking forward to read more. Want more.


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