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Gaaahhh, am I really living? lol. Seriously, this is I guess the adverse effect of being an only female sibling in the family, you're only choice is to dance with your own music, sadly, sometimes, if not most of the time you can't even choose what type of music that should be played.

I just wish it'll be fine, soon! I know a promise of a fine day is just up ahead, it may not be tomorrow but perhaps a day after.

Sharing this photo with 79|366 Blog Photo Challenge hosted at Velvet Dreams.


Jessica said...

you must be spoiled Sis having the only rose among the thorns :-) Visiting from #79 of BPC, hope that you can return the visit too.

GagayMD said...

swerte kau ang unica hija among the hijos sah?

..from BPC.

Leah H. said...

It would be nice if you have another sister:) I bet you are super close with your mom:)

Visiting for #79 challenge- hope you can stop by:)

Seny said...

it is so opposite instead of being spoiled being the only daughter or girl means more responsibility waahhhh what ever you are going thru it will be fine soon...promise! :-)

Seny said...

thanks for dropping by! Tales from my so called Life

Mrs.D said...

It will be fine teVernz...naa pa pakapin promise...ehehhee!

I don't like being the only girl in the family...everybody is overprotective...don't do this don't do that...blah blah blah! I wish I had a sister growing up.

thanks for joining BPC!

KM said...

cheer up! everything's going to be alright :)

here for bpc ^^

Pinx said...

sige lang mommy Verna, that one fine day is just around the corner. bpc 79 hop here.

Rcel said...

Yes, yes-- there will always be sunshine or a rainbow after the rain! God is watching Ma'am Vern! :)

BPC hop!

emzkie said...

hope u are ok now, just go outside and take a deep breath and exhale. =)

from BPC

mommy Orkid Belle said...

Visiting late on this post! I hope things are well with you on your end of the world. Take care and live life fully! :)

Thank you for dropping by, check back again for new updates or feel free to subscribe to my blog so you won't miss a post. Have a lovely day!

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