The woman that I am hates surprises especially when it involves something as important as engagement rings or wedding rings for that matter, in fact, back on those exciting days in scouting for my|our engagement ring, I asked my would-be husband not to do surprises and have me hand-picked my own style of ring instead. This is because I would be wearing the ring for the rest of the time I’m married to him, so might as well choose a ring that I like and love, a ring that reflects the kind of woman that I am.

But of course some women love romantic startling feeling of getting surprises, when men would do it, they’ll likely have plus points they can make use of in the future, so guys I’m making you a favor writing what you should know from a woman’s point of view;

Let’s start off with observation to details. For most men delving into details of what type of jewelry their woman love to wear is least of their concern, but for women this is one important piece that can make or break their total day look, hence, if you want your efforts to be appreciated – pay attention to your woman’s jewelry details even if you hate it like hearing her say ‘let’s talk’. That way you’ll know what her likes and dislikes are when it comes to jewelry.

Imagine what looks best on her fingers. Talking from a more liberal side, by now probably you’ve already explored, even memorized by heart the lines, the outlines or even the digit ratio of her fingers, does you girlfriend have fat or fingers like those of a candle – having those mental picture - then at least you already have that vivid idea what you think is proportional to her fingers.

How to discreetly and romantically know her ring size? Hmmm… since she love surprises, then probably she’s one romantic lady, at this point possibly you been calling all her friends asking about her ring size, well, that’s the easiest way but not at all kind of romantic. I just thought, why not bring her somewhere less reserved - outdoor picnic, beach bonding maybe etc., get a good timing of holding and playing with her hands, fingers pretending to put play engagement ring on it, ones made with wild flower stalks can melt a woman’s heart, you sure to have good flowery words along with this moment, right? Men are so good at this.

Consider your budget. If you’re  lucky  to  be  a  man  of  who  owns  half  of  your  city  then  there’s no point considering,  get  one  of  the most  brilliant  and elegantly crafted vatche engagement rings at Whilteflash, however, a lot too has to put this down on the table, while a lot of women love luxurious and gorgeous pieces, who wouldn’t by the way? This is one thing women are also keen about, it’s just a matter of how well you lay your cards on the table and both of you should talk about it.

Loyalty and honestly are two of the loneliest words men can hardly get a handle of, but these two should come along with ring, all engraved in bold letters. I hope men should remember this by heart.


  1. He should know the exact size of the ring, para sakto jud isuot waaa...surprise-surprise nya di diay maigo, so di masuot, not unless kung ipa-tabas na lang hehehe....

    oi..kusog diay mokaon ug tufu si Gelo.. hay sus ang janjan, di jud mukaon maski ihalo pa sa adobong baboy...likayan ra nya, makalagot...

    Ty sa visit..hehe

  2. It was interesting to read about that, thanks.

  3. This is truly interesting topic. For me, I'd like my soon-to-be husband surprised me as it is in the movies, but you have a point with regards of choosing your own style because you'll wear it for the rest of your life together.

  4. Engagement rings can express the feelings of the couples. I think your post is very valuable for men. Their almos questions would be solved after reading this posyt.


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