If you live in places with true seasons getting yourself several pairs of bed socks is a necessity, especially when season hits winter – bed socks can be a comfy buddy to protect yourself from biting cold.

But if you happen to live in the tropics where weather comes often balmy, there’s no need to wear socks at bedtime, unless if you do foot beauty ritual like I always do. Yes, even on sweltering nights I wear my socks on bed it’s because I subscribe to this rite of greasing my foot with petroleum jelly and cover it with socks to avoid smearing my sheets. I don’t often have my foot scrubbed at the spa, it removes the natural skin covering making it sometimes painful to wear pumps so as a beauty trick to still have that smooth, soft and downyed heel without a hunch of pain, a jar of petroleum jelly and several pairs of socks are part of my nighttime beauty routine.

Try it, its way cheaper than having regular foot scrubs at the spa.

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  1. I do this too...though not as religiously as you do hehe :) truly, it's so effective and cheaper.
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