Convenience of Online Directories

Hi there ladies, how ya all doin’? I was out of my dashboard lately, I’ve been busy running city errands for our farm necessities and looking at my situation I’m guessing my only choice is to endure it.

Anyway, just got my hands itchy on the keyboard after I’ve spent a day on the road, daring the scorching sun looking for slightly cheap agri suppliers, I was caught in the pain of living in a democratic capitalist society, merchandise are never priced the same – but I’m counting myself to be a clever and sort of adventurous consumer so I went store to store to inquire, see for myself and dusted the items on my list. My first move actually was did a phone brigade using our old yellow pages, sadly, the directory can’t update itself when new stores would crop up, I could have save a lot had all the local stores listed their addresses and numbers at online directories.

Seriously, if businessmen really mean business in this ‘mouse’ era, they should have their business listed on online directories, say you want to find your way to Damart, other than the physical address provided, live maps are also integrated, you can update your phones, your car’s GPS for shortest, fastest, and easiest route and that would only mean - convenience and savings.

I understand there are technologically advance cities who are serviced by this convenience today, but sadly, it’s far from reality on this part of the world – I’m calculating the possibility that comprehensive online directories can be accessed in our area in a not so distant future, and if that happens, it’s not only good for business but it’s also a way too handy for me – which is actually the very purpose why we earthlings subscribe to technology.

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