Summah supah hot! And why lice gone mad!

I had two realizations of this season …

First being, I find this the downside of living in the tropics, summers can really be supah hot, just like yesterday, the temperature rising brought me to have mixed emotions and spawned somewhat like mad thoughts – I was lazying at the hammock under the mango tree at our yard – and seeing the cloudless blue sky from where I laid, I blab thoughtlessly and said, ‘so that’s bluest mysterious beyond no human force had ever fathomed’, someone batted in and said, ‘not unless you join the ‘Force’ and be ‘The Chosen One’, yayks … you ruined my heavens romance! Lol.

Second is that, this may sound a crazy analogy, but I now have that deep sympathy for lice, you know that para-cutes that lives in human heads, I now feel how they feel when their host are passing through boiling temperatures, I wonder if they have areas where to hang hammocks and cool down too, probably the reason also why ya head got itchy of hot sumah days .. because these dang little helpless fellas, that always face human cruelty by the way,  also gone mad finding ways to cool off … that unless humans can’t find and prick them dead with thumb nails.

So they say summer is fun, so be it fun!

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  1. nyahaha funny post...hingut-anay ta Vernz..maayo gani usa ray kut0-on namo diri pero karon wa na kay giputlan sa ako mama ug buhok ako niece nga laagan hahaha.

    oi why man di mo load ako photo sa MP...waaaa

    ang captcha kay funny pod...sibutud omationt daw hahaha


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