I must say that fashion is now one of the most subscribed sub-cultures that go across several platforms, varied subscribers, different tastes, diverse designs, spectacular concepts and out-of-box fashion inceptions – and to aficionados - the only limitation is your imagination. The way I look at it - it’s a package industry, you cannot talk about fashion without talking about the hair, about make-up, about shoes, about accessories, about the material, about the craftsmanship of each creation, the way how we document it – photographs, magazines, videos etc. and the way how we carry it – models on the ramp, extravagant fashion shows, multi-million dollar fashion names and the political insinuation that comes along with wearing an authentic Prada and the like and those that of off-the-rack fashion items – all those comprise the norms and mores of the fashion culture.

Today, the online world, although I don’t hold scientific data on this and I don’t think that’s needed anymore though to conclude that fashion industry has gotten hold of a large chunk of the blogosphere like never before. In fact, this time it’s more intense, it’s concentrated, it’s convenient, and it’s easy to reach, accessible to anyone who has obsession for this culture. Fashion community online is fast growing and if you are that persona who has a knack on this flair, it’s time you share your individuality on these communities. 

Yes, I recently spent some luxury of my time going through various niches on this fashion community I get fond of lately – thing with online community you can be loud about your craft – be it your long-kept designs waiting to be discovered, your fashion finds - be it vintage, couture or your mom's sewn dress made on your birthday, your fashion opinion, your photographs, your fashion store, even your most kept fashion critique, or if you’re a fashion blogger and want an oozing traffic to your blog – this community can help or simply, if you want to learn something more about fashion and all – you can share it on this community as its accessible  universe-wide. So let your fashion statement be heard start it by joining fashion community today!

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