Hi ladies, how was your weekend? I hope you’re all doing great, the woman on this side had been quiet full – my kids went for a swim with their cousins across Samal Island, we have to drive them to and come back to mainland Davao again to attend to some opportunities that might not come again. Sunday was a reunion of my husband’s family, we trooped back to Samal again with dang 3 hours of waiting to load our car to the barge and take note that’s to and fro – imagine we’ve wasted 6 hours on the road doing nothing – I mean waiting, with this long line of cars waiting everytime, it's about time a bridge should be put up to connect Samal and Davao. Argg, it’ll stress me even more if I’ll keep complaining. 

Anyway, I was able to squeeze in a little time to pass by Abreeza Mall here in Davao, I had to meet someone to close a little clean deal. Thank God, it was a real cool deal. 

Call it a habit, say a little sort of a not-so-good habit, I actually have two – either buy a book or drop by a cosmetics store – it so happen I skipped Etude and linger around Saizen, you know this Robinson’s store that sells all Japanese goods at P85/item? There are a lot of thingamabob to fill in your eyes there – I picked this and so far – all lip balms actually works the same – it’s just that I love it as a base for lipsticks, no need for me to top coat with shiners or whatsoever – love the pouty after feel. Try it!

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