I’ve said it before and I’ll say it once more that to me the most political part of a woman’s body [my body], is the breast – since the dawn of human history woman’s breast meaning has evolved impressively, while ultimately it meant to nurture life and source of nourishment to new lives, today it evoke plethora of stands employed suited to one’s objective. 

Gaaahh, why am I writing a lot of breast stuff these days? Just recently I’ve started writing an academic paper on the ‘Politics of Pink Ribbon’ – it’s this famed pink ribbon that is used globally to represent a charity that help, in various ways, women stricken with breast cancer – am still doing a lot of readings to complete it. Anyway, if you’re keen with breast as subject, you probably have the clearest idea what it meant in today’s time and space - biologically, politically, medically, sexually, economics, etc all those have its definition what breast mean. 

For cosmetics surgery industry, wow, they’re really making money out of a woman’s nip – I’ve read it somewhere, that by 2013 the global market for cosmetics surgery services – that includes reduction and augmentation of a woman’s breast will skyrocket to a whopping $40 billion, woooahh! I dropped my breast somewhere reading this news! I guess Dr. Belo – sorry about this but to me she’s a symbol of a knife raised above a breast-naked woman, lying half awake on top of a surgery table, and if I were that woman probably develop ‘swallowing saliva disorder’ – in fear. 

But because some people, best represented by ‘the kind yet voracious capitalists’ worry, to the highest satirical form possible, about the plight of women getting under the knife they came up with this … all you need is pull the string up to tighten your breast to your desired shape, it makes sense to me, seriously, this wonder bra promised to make your breast big, bigger, and biggest ….. gosh this is marvelous knifeless innovation, … but I think I just have rely on my friend who does breast Photoshop the best, can even make mine look like Pamela’s – *popping my eyes out*. 

Actually this is the safest means women can use to plump their breasts up …. But for christsake, do women really need this? Breast sagging comes with age, and whoever invented the idea that women’s breast need to be blockbusters even when they’re 60 is dang sick! And who would want to pose breast hankering when you’re 60 anyway – pervert! 

Ahhh, really, though I always say I’ll stay out of life’s complications, I just can’t help it but share my rants – wait! Just in case you forgot - this is a personal blog and all of my opinions are very personal. But what can I do, I’m just a woman ovulating, with her breasts in its most tender, with a swollen vulva and rage around on her wettest.

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