I have no idea who started this coupon craze online, but whoever you are you sure had saved lots of headache from me. Let’s admit it today’s space and time is an epoch of mammoth consumerism and everyone felt like it’s a contractual obligation to get into this vogue it’s like you actively participating in this cyclic economic discourse. 

But reality is not everyone has the ample resource to do the exchange, however hard sometimes I wonder why some really has the knack to find a way to get what they want. Based on my personal surveys among my mommy friends, saving is the least means to allocate resources to get that something they wanted but it’s using coupons of whatever form and sizes that is most subscribed to – I for one is a subscriber of this schema too – this is probably the reason why coupons online sprouted like mushrooms in every corner of the blogosphere. 

Lately, I’ve been hooked to rummaging CouponShack.com; it’s one of those legit coupon sites you can find online. Here you can find practically every coupon you need to practically everything you wanted, from household to food to travel to sports, name it they have it and what’s so good about this site is that they have real time coupons that when activated will direct you to the buying site and effortlessly enter your purchase with a discounted price. 

IVANKA TRUMP Sandals - Valerie Stone

I kept clearing my throat on this Ivanka Trump Thong Sandals I found at Bloomingdales, it’s originally priced at P7,474.00 but using CouponShack you can wear this with ultimate pride at P4,484.00. It’s to die for, especially after pedis with same colored nail polish. Happiness!


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