I was so excited when I received a call from a friend that finally she’s tying a knot with her long-time beau, I know what she’s going to say next, and I wasn’t wrong, I’ll be on the secondary sponsors list, god, why do weddings have to be this formal and why do dresses come in designs best suited for bony lines. 

Seriously, occasions like this made me really restless when I’m not even the ones spending, lol. But because, for heaven’s sake, I hadn’t done anything to reduce my waist figure yet, blame it to pizza and Chef Ian’s pasta. In times like this, I always come to a thought of seeking refuge to supplements that’ll somehow delay my digestion and hold-up sucrose absorption like those of ‘life extension integra-lean irvingia’, it seem quiet hard to pronounce but from the testimonies, they’re effective to moderating alpha-amylase enzyme activity, they’re those enzymes that goes with the carbohydrates, I got from pizza and Chef Ian’s Sardines Pasta, into the bloodstream. 

However stressful, I figured a nice talk with my ‘modista’ will do the trick. There are actually a thousand plus size dresses online, but because there are so many I get dang confused which one to buy, besides the online and physical buying infrastructure here in my place in not quiet suitable yet, people living in the Philippines know how it’s like claiming a package from the post office, I might be paying more on the duties than the dress itself, a practice uglier than my tummy pleats can get. 

Anyway, this design and color I suppose would be perfect to at least reduce my body anxiety on that day, what do think? 

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