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I won’t write about the things that’ll make me happy, rather the things that made me happy – it’s because I believe in unforeseen circumstances, until then I’d say I was gloriously happy. I have a shallow tolerance to happiness, big or small as long as it sparks my Serotonin and satisfies my wants and needs I get happy, it even gets fizzy when I’m with people inflicted with happy virus. 

I figured I have to enumerate here the things that made me happy, there are actually countless of them but the foremost I can think of were; 

  • Hours of undisturbed ‘me-time’ at a Literature section of a bookstore; 
  • And Rummage a sale book I long been wanted to read (dahil mahal ang brand new) to me, it's like unearthing a treasure, lol.
  • Sun-crisp new bed linens, I felt they’re the holiest stuff in my bedroom, sorry OC lang po, lol.
  • Unlimited thick crust pizza, any flavor will do, with icy CocaCola 
  • Pedicure|Foot Spa 
  • Empty laundry basket 
  • Friday Dinners (It’s my cooking off day, kay hirap kaya magluto araw-araw
  • When my MIL is on vacation, hoping she won’t come home anymore :) 

I live simply, so it follows my happiness comes simpler too. *wink*

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  1. HI thank you for taking time to drop by :)

  2. I craved for icy voca cola because of this. And natawa ako sa last entry;)

  3. Ako rin! I want icy coca-cola!

  4. LoL at the last entry. Haha! :D

  5. Sun-crisp bed linen, that's what I like too. Love it.

  6. I love the pedicure/footspa, my list is up at

  7. Empty laundry that seems like I am already in heaven lol!


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