Denim emanates sexiness and style, and has a timeless charm that no other fabric even comes close to. So, why is it that society, as a whole, seems to have a ceaseless, unfaltering attraction to it?

An instinctual bond with western counterparts

We all love a good western. All that cowboy rough and tumble in a dusty tavern gets the pulses of both men and women racing. It has been suggested that our seemingly widespread love for denim stems from the cowboy idealism that taunts and stimulates our imaginations of the Wild West. 

Gets better with age

 Like a good bottle of whisky, everybody knows that denim gets better with age. The durability of denim is unsurpassed by any other fabric. Because of this, not only do we not have to replace our denim garments for several years, but purchasing a decent pair of jeans or a denim jacket becomes a good investment. Even when the strain of years of wear becomes physically visible, the look of denim is still attractive. Some even feel that this distressed look enhances its appearance.

Androgynous fashion

Denim appeals to both men and women in equal doses, and is another reason for the unparalleled success of the fabric. Both men and women can relate to the raw and sexy charm of denim, and, as a result, both sexes wear denim garments.

Take, for example, G Star Clothing. G Star is at the height of the world of fashion at present and, in bringing classic denim styles such as G Star jackets to both men and women, it appeals to a wide range of consumers.


Things that are ultra-fashionable can’t be really comfortable, right? On the contrary, denim garments, such as jeans and jackets, couldn’t be more comfortable – despite boasting that rugged raw look. This is because most denim undergoes a special treatment process to ensure it has a soft cotton feel on the skin. So, whilst denim is regarded as a stylish and cool fabric, it’s also extremely comfortable. And this is why jeans are a favourite garment for lounging around the house, going to the pub, or even just for going for a walk in the park.

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