I’d like to begin by asking how many brands and brandless beauty products and implements can you see and have used from the market today. I’m no good at mathematics and can go even dumber if you throw back that question to me, but to answer it closest to the correct number, I’d say – innumerable. And this doesn’t end here, it even went further, the beauty conception had created itself a robust sub-culture backing a multi-billion dollar beauty industry. Today, wherever you are around the world you’ll likely to understand what it’s like to be on a spa, to get plastic surgery Montreal, to get Botox and collagen injections, to undergo microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, chemical peels etcetera. 

With this development, one can now get consultation with skin-trained professionals, board-certified plastic surgeons and the like that can safely perform breast-jobs like breast lift, breast enlargement, breast reconstruction, etc. god, I needed one of those after milking three kids, seriously! 

But lately, there has been a lot of protests coming from a lot of women who were victims of malpractices, a reason why more and more women and more and more doctors are shifting to non-evasive and non-surgical cosmetics procedure, plastic surgeon Montreal for example are just few of the most reliable female cosmetic surgeons who does beauty procedures with outmost care possible. 

Although at times, I have this wavering at the back of my mind why women really have to go through this, sort of Naomi Wolf in me, it’s just worthless sometimes because I felt so bare going out without lipstick, does rejuvenating facial once in two weeks, does manis and pedis every week, bought BB creams and just hoarded these awesome lip tints from Tony Moly. My only consolation is that at least I’m an informed beauty consumer and I’d like to believe that.

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