Being a couponer is a very fun way to save a bit of money, but it can become a difficult, even lonely, hobby. There are a lot of ways you can go from being an okay couponer to being a veritable coupon champion. You just need to find your group, get your organizational system together, and make sure you attack this the same way you would do anything you want to really excel at.

Ultimately, the  process  of  learning  more  about  couponing  is a lot like what you would do to learn more aboutthe lotto. You have to investigate every resource at your disposal, meet people who know more about it then you do, and test new strategies to make sure you get what works the best. 

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Learning From the Best

You know, the ultimate process of becoming a better couponer is like what you would do to find the bestentertainment: meet people who are already doing what you want to do and learn how they do it. The stronger your network becomes, the more you are going to learn beyond the basics. You will learn more about how and where to find the best coupons, which stores doubles and triples coupons, and what the sales cycles are at places you may have never even thought about before.

Become Super Organized

Organization is an important component of being successful at almost any endeavor. You can go from being average to being great simply by learning what coupons you have, making this information easy to access quickly, and then redeeming your coupons at the right times. When you master this, your couponing will be more rewarding.

A major part of being organized involves the use of the Internet. With a web browser, you can check out websites that invest their time into helping couponers share wisdom. This can come down to finding user-friendly ways to search for coupons, easy ways to get coupons from manufacturers, and even learning the specific sales cycles of particular stores.

Plan Your Attack

Almost everything in life requires some degree of planning in order to be successful. If you want to be the best at couponing, you need to track the sales cycles of as many stores as you can. This is not an easy process, and it can become overwhelming. The main points here are to track the things you normally use and be open to other possibilities. For example, some stores will allow you to reduce your total bill if your coupon makes an item's price go into the negative. If they're paying you to take it, take it.

When you want to be a great couponer, you have to step up your game. This means getting as good a network as you can, planning your attack, and being organized.

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