It's really interesting how different cultures around the world come up with artifacts and eventually attach meaning to it. Back home we have quiet countless pieces, which at times we felt so insignificant, yet to the oldies they bear so much stories and rich importance. I would say this interesting symbol isn’t any exemption, though not of Pinoy significance, I’m really overwhelmed how this piece carries so much value in some other cultures around the world even way back the Greco-Romanian period.

This is actually a ‘pasalubong’ to me by a friend who just wasted money curing a broken heart somewhere in the Aegean Sea, at first I thought she drowned herself naked at Mykonos, ohh, such a fashion to die, but since she came home alive – ah, such a relief, thanks 'mi amiga' for living. I was thinking it was such an expensive way to cure a dumped heart, it’s not my money anyway, so do as you please. 

I’d love to think this ‘evil eye’ will serve me good,as this is supposed to be given to someone to be much more effective and since it was given without me knowing… I’d like to believe that this will ward-off bad gazes…. So if you’re trying to turn your evil gaze on me right now, you better shift it at once the evil eye is looking at you sharply  … otherwise you’ll be in bad luck! Hmm.. Makes sense to me. 

It just felt it so awkward wearing such a bulky ring on a daily basis, so I attached it on my bag handle, I'd thought I still can make use of its power anywhere I go.


  1. hehehe... ate makahadlok man na nga ring oi.. pero cute sad baya.. hehe

    1. Hello Jan, musta naman ka oi... hahaha.. anti bad luck daw ni..hehehe :)

  2. So cute bisan makahadlok ang itsura.. Would love to have a similar piece basta ba anti bad luck sya.. :) Thanks for visiting :)


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