I was prodded to make an appointment with my OB-Gyne on Saturday after I accidentally bumped on her at a mall here. I used to be a frequent of her clinic when I was still on my active gestation years, but after I demanded on her, on duress, hahaha, that I should undergo t-ligation along with my C-section delivery, I rarely see her anymore. I often think of visiting her clinic for another shot of my cc vaccine, but, yeah, I know having too much at hand can’t be a reason enough, so I squeezed a visit on my schedule. 

It was an afternoon of ‘ladies at their 40s’ at her clinic, the doctor was supposed to talk to us one by one, but it just so happen simultaneously, it ended up to be a health lecture among the seven women who made an appointment that afternoon. Gosh, women in their 40s with mouths unzipped can go riotous with bed and married life stories at times, I find it a healthy feat actually, finding words for the feelings and emotions that women keep all this time all for the glory of woman’s social dignity. 

the Seven Menopausal Dwarfs

I can't help but LOL on this, the Seven Menopausal Dwarfs - 
Anyways, we ended up the session with lots of scary and hilarious menopause stories, I can see from my symptoms am still a healthy momma though, but I know these menopausibilities aren’t far from happening, and I just realized that it’s a very important thing women will know all these signs before it’ll gonna happen and that by the time we experience hot flashes and mood swings etc. we would know what to, how to and where to go etc. 

I was scared to know that women having menopausal these days are getting younger and younger and the doctor said, major factor that’ll instigate menopausal is the lifestyle – women maybe not aware of it but stress, lack of sleep, extreme workouts, pollution, even consuming genetically modified foods – and how will I know they’re GMOs by the way manufacturers does not include them on labels, even using cosmetics with high chemical content – come-on, aren’t there cosmetics with no chemicals at all? alcohol, smoking even drugs that aren’t properly administered – can induce menopause. 

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