Davao City just celebrated it's Kadayawan Festival and everyone here is still jaded after a week-long festivities. We joined others on the street along with our visitors who flew in from Manila. Mercury's rising during the street dancing and the floral float parade, but everyone dared the sun - of course the sun made it even more festive and sultry - made even Kadayawan fun as ever!

Everyone has it's own way of beating and celebrating it up, 'get-up' is just one of them. Spotted some interesting get-ups, I call it the Kadayawan Street Fashion 2012 .. 

Floppy straw hats atop ethnic designed dresses looks so in.. so love this two ahjummas, don't forget to color coordinate it! Flip flops for footwear is perfect.

or bare some skin both top and bottom with shorts and sleeveless tops, accessorize it with sling bags, sunblocks and your handy-dandy cameras;

Or a long-sleeved white polo atop spaghetti strapped tank that if you're afraid your arms be kissed by the sun and if you're anxious your newly pedicured toes would get a bump on a mob, a slim shoe-laced sneakers will do. Accessorize with umbrella of any color and a brown-Jackie-O, will perfectly do... hahahah... [perting init no, mangitum kug samut, lol.]

Or get-on the classic 'puruntung' and a native-looking sling bag, I wonder what's on the yellow 'supot' - baon probably - and don't forget your statement hat!

Or wear on the classic-yet-perfect type of tropical look - Fedora sun hat, dark sunglasses, themed accessories - capiz and shell necklace paired with capiz chandelier earrings. Long sleeved top, straw bag, I love this denim minis and a Vans sneakers... awesome!

But if you really want to get into the Kadayawan spirit, a classic Kadayawan street style of this sort and a feathered head dress of this sort will perfectly do, in fact you're too in for Kadayawan.


  1. I miss this event so much, it was years ago since I watched this..but for the coming Araw ng Davao I will try to be in Phil that time..

    1. Hello sis, wow then we should meet... hehehe.. thanks for the visit :)

  2. mommy vernz!!! your post is so cool!! i love it! nalingaw ko basa... ug ngano nag long sleeves??? hehehehe... i know perteng inita diha.. same here... perte jud nimong tabon ba! balot na balot! hahaha! love it! laag2x!

    1. Hello PInx... hahaha.. perti jud kay perting inita... perting ka sun burn oi.. kung di pa long sleeve samut na jud ko ka nug-nug... hahahah


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