Oh My Gosh! The world is shock, very, very shock to know that Kate, the princess, the Duchess of Cambridge has actually breasts and has been out with her husband at a France estate rubbing lotion with each other. 

I got annoyed with nothing to read on other than Kate Middleton’s breast exposure reports flooding my UK magazines subscription feeds. It’s not as if it’s the first time these paparazzis have seen a woman naked, but I guess it’s all because she’s a royal, a princess, the paparazzi probably was wondering how a royal breast looks like. 

This incident however kept me thinking, yeah I’m thinking, seeing Kate casually and unintentionally sunning topless actually gives me that breeze of liberation, or putting it in a collective perspective, liberates women who are eternally judged and slut-shamed based on her appearance. It just dawned to me that hey, princesses aren’t asexual, like Barbie without tits and vagina. 

From the feminist point of view this negates the power of pornography and damn pornographers that perpetually subject women’s bodies into objects they can nudge sex machines and dictate sexual positions opportuned to their cameras. From this point - this put a normal footing to female form, to female body, it’s because if women see ease in their naked body and not flaunting it sexually, like what we always see in magazines, TV - the more we women can purge or eliminate the power of humiliation – and I guess this would be the best retribution against those who see women’s body as objects with lucrative profit. 

From my readings the Prince, my darling Prince William has been fuming mad following this incident and has taken legal action against the publisher. I can’t help it but think about her late mother, Princess Diana who died escaping from the cameras of these Paparazzis. Oh, my Prince, don’t just sue these ruthless paparazzis - hire people from neighborhood, promise, people of this sort will vanish from this world with no trace at all … 101% money back guarantee. 

As I write this issue has now run to legal fracas, but the way I look at it, law wouldn’t just solve anything – this involve greedy people who will do anything – I bet this guy who took this picture climbed the highest tree at the fa├žade of this chateau all clad in harness and telescopic picturing device – sort of like a sniper, a breast sniper – for money and this is quiet the hardest stuff to deal with.

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