"Trust me honey, if I take this bra off 
you will tell me I need to get them done." - Kim Kardashian

With many celebrities going under the knife to have their assets enhanced, plastic surgery can seem frivolous. All you tend to see are the glossy after shots of a boob job, without any information about the procedure itself – and this can encourage women to have work done for the wrong reasons.

In reality, there are many things to think about before opting for a breast enlargements. So, if you’re thinking about boosting your bust – here are four things to consider:

Will you grow to love your breasts?
Firstly, you must decide if a cosmetic operation is really necessary. It’s an intrusive procedure that can change the way you look considerably, so you should think very carefully before taking the plunge. If there’s a chance you could learn to love your chest in the future, it may be wise to wait and see if you change your mind. Still feel the same in a few years? Then breast implants could indeed be the right option for you. Of course, not everyone is in the same situation physically and emotionally, so this will be a very personal decision. 

Could you benefit from a push-up bra?
According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, boob jobs are the most popular type of surgery in the UK. A total of 10,003 women chose this type of procedure in 2011 alone and numbers were up by 6.2 per cent from 2010 – but that doesn’t mean surgery is the only answer. In fact, there are many natural ways to improve your cleavage and confidence, so why not give a push-up bra a go or try one of the many boob job creams available?

What size implants will you have?
One of the most important things to consider is what size breast implants to have. Will you go for something natural-looking or should you choose something more dramatic? Your reasons for booking surgery might affect this decision, but don’t forget to ask a medical professional for help and advice. A highly-trained surgeon will assess you situation and recommend breast implants to suit your height, size and frame.

Will you be able to take time off work?
During a breast augmentation, implants are inserted into the chest via small incisions in the breasts, naval or armpits. This can leave you quite sore for at least a few weeks, so it’s essential to take a rest from work. If you’ve already used all your holiday for this year, it’s probably best to reschedule the procedure for when you have more time. Not only will you feel more relaxed, but you’ll also be able to receive the aftercare that’s essential after major surgery.

Cosmetic procedures are popular these days and can certainly improve your looks, but it’s important to consider your options carefully.


  1. Okay lang ako. Haha. No need for a boob job. Mabigat sis! :D

    1. Hi Jing, hahaha.. mabigat ba di naman siguro sanayan


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