It’s been four years since my last pregnancy, and the saddest story any woman who had gone pregnant can tell – ‘I hadn’t been back to my old size yet’, what is more upsetting is that I know I’m gaining weight, it’s evident with me finding clothes at the plus size section and not to mention the nature of work I’m doing right now - sedentary.

I know something has to be done but I haven’t mastered the art of working out while typing on my keyboard yet, I hope techno buffs will design gadget that’ll serve this purpose one day soon. Just recently we had our Bloggers Christmas Party, events like these stresses me out – what will I wear? I’m trying to be frugal with spending so I was thinking to wear the dress I bought last year, – sadly, I have to bring it to the seamstress to adjust the waist dart so I can wear it again. 

This weight dilemma of mine has fashioned me a running joke every time I try on a new dress – “Should I lop off my body? Or this dress is just too small”? This is the reason why I’m too choosy with the dress design I’m buying – I'm now a hoardie of dress designs that’ll hide all those bulges away. 

I won’t make any promises this 2013, but I'll try, I should start by taking in red cell press (http://mydietshopz.com/ceplredbispe.html) to ward these excesses off. I heard they’re effective and effortless way to shed off undesirable fats. This is a dietary supplement that provides that fullness feeling preceding a meal, it also helps suppress hunger pangs making you eat less and works as a natural filler to subdue hunger. 

But in the meantime, I think I'll look good on this dress, they’re a bit pricey as they’re Tadashi Shoji, but just what I’m saying, this kind of dress design can make your bulges disappear like magic.

This shirred design creates illusion to cover your belly's imperctions

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  1. I promise the same thing this 2013 :) I started late November jogging and brisk walking and controlling this elephant's appetite of mine and so fat it feels good but my weight loss is not yet that evident...my goal is to do it slowly but surely...we can do this, determination is the key to success haha...lovely dress....I'd love to see you wearing a dress in all your elegance soon...wish me luck on that too :)


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