While drugs, defense, oil play the most insanely lucrative business in the market today, I’d like to believe its clothing and its related demands that take significance among women. Evidently, any corner you look today you can see someone peddling clothes, accessories of bizarre shapes and sizes, shoes with designs from the weirdest to the most expensive, make-up tools and other beauty implements, bags, etc. What’s so overwhelming about this commerce is that it comes in a package, women can’t just buy a top without a bottom and other blings that matches with it.

This infographic illustrates quiet well how women drive this industry, how women play a very imperative role in the economy, while this portrays the United States repute, I’d like to believe it’s the trend globally, my husband complains of bazaars and departments stores with so much woman stuff in it.

So if you itch so much buying another pair of pumps, then it’s safe to say, your ‘Imelda Syndrome’ helps sustains this industry.

Keep Kalm and go shopping Infographic

Source: FastLoanTree.com

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