Everybody loves jeans. They’re our favorite national pants.

Unfortunately, sometimes it’s more of a love/hate relationship. As comfortable as they are, and as cool as they can make us look, nothing creates dressing challenges related to our body types like denim – whether it’s a pear shape, a flat butt, wide hips, or a tall, gangly frame. 

Here’s a look at what’s hot in denim right now, along with some tips on how to dress for your own body type. 

A $132 pair of Cookie Johnson Cj’s is just the thing to flatter a pear-shaped figure, with a contoured cut that won’t gape at the waist, and a wider leg cut that works with the hips. The tone-on-tone stitchwork creates the happy illusion of a longer, leaner line. For a cheaper option, get a $20 pair of Lee Riders. Check here for even more affordable finds that fit perfectly! 

If you feel like you were last in line when The Good Lord handed out fannies, The Gap has your fanny covered with its $70 indigo jeans. 

It’s all about the high pockets, which make the butt look a bit more ba-donk-a-donky. Nothing wrong with that! Two rows of decorative stitching help bring a little more rise to your buns. 

If you’re a tall drink of water (six feet or taller) you can flow like a lovely waterfall with a pair of 1969 Long & Lean jeans ($70 from The Gap). 

Are your hips kind of wide? Get yourself a $54 pair of Lee jeans that’ll balance out your figure with a high-waisted cut and straight shape. Very slimming. 

Are you looking for something to wear in a work situation, with a fitted jacket? Get some Levi’s 501s, the "go-to” jeans for the modern executive. 

Finally, let’s talk about stretch jeans. The Gap hits a real winner with the 1969 Forever stretch legging jeans, made from 100% stretch denim. 

The body-hugging fit of these leggings retain their shape no matter how many times you wear them. They’re lightweight, low-rise, machine-washable, and made from 70 percent cotton and 30 percent polyester. And they are skinny – hip through thigh. Hey, that’s the look.

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