Doing make-up for myself is something I really didn’t consider owing to my childhood religious background, while it’s a must to look presentable, adding colors to the face and plucking eyebrows were illicitly forbidden – the principle was simple, don’t alter what the Divine hath made and no one around me during those times went against the teaching – Religious credo was absolute. 

It even went hefty after I’ve learned all these feminist ideology, this time a total shift from religious prohibition to personal feminist conviction, it went around my mind for sometime but eventually I realized – shocks! This strong and happy marriage of patriarchy and capitalism has existed older than anyone I knew who studied and gained Master's degree in fact - and went ballistic over this issue – well then, they say, if you can’t change the system, well obviously, I’m just a grain of sand in the shores of Pacific Ocean so I’m giving way to paradigm shift. 

In the beginning the conversion process was so problematic, buying a lipstick would take me hours not on testing the colors but reading the ingredients on the label, that paranoia existed for long – but they say – you’ll get used to it, who cares about Lead and all these carcinogens in the lipstick - nobody gets out of this world alive anyway – so I gave in. Now, I can’t believe I’m blogging make-up, finding for good ones online – late bloomer? Fine, everything always has its first time and believe when I say, it’s my first attending a make-up workshop, had I known it was that fun I could have started long ago, we’re like painters with patterns to draw on. *chuckling* 

I was so glad my first experience was awesome, thanks to Ria Jose of riajose.com for the invite and to our make-up gurus Ryan G. Wong and Noeh Jani, they got magical hands that can transform a woman’s bland face into a beautiful masterpiece. Thank you so much for sharing your time with the Davao Blogger ladies. 

And now the graduates got to pose for the class picture, lol. 

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