I’m just surprised or rather aggravated to some of my personal discoveries lately – that other than learning to love this grippingly dreaded job in the world – which is tending household tasks, which for the longest time I’ve been trying to elude, but for Pete’s sake, I just can’t, and now blaming it to social template, there is actually one more thing that exasperate me even more worst than anything – no and slow internet connection.

And I guess anybody whose lives are reliant on this technology stops whenever their internet connection acts up and the zany part is that it robotically breaks sanity open, interestingly it causes online relationships to falter, social media walls waver and the saddest part is that this blogger’s life would probably fall apart and if that happens then that’s worst nightmare a cyborg like me can ever imagine.

And the only resolution is to find reliable internet service that serves your needed data even before you can hit enter, if there’s a provider than served it so, and then I would willingly swing into. I had a chance to browse over this website,, besides offering reliable, practical and affordable high-speed internet service, online security of your devices is one of the perks you’ll be getting if you’ll subscribe from them. I’ve been running online with a maximum speed of 20 mbps, performance wise, it’s good for a browse-load-buffer cyborg like me, but I wonder how it’s like being wired to 105 mbps? 

If this speed gets into my household wires, that’ll be the time I’ll get myself a smart wifi television capable of playing Gangnam Style with no buffer and load time and I think perfect on the background to get all these dishes and laundry done. Sanity kept intact.

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