Weddings are one of the most anticipated social rituals in our society. When one decides to go through this ceremony an ample time, resources and effort should be taken into consideration. Not because someone has just to comply with what templates our society obliged us to but because marriage is sacred and is done over two people who vowed to love each, to respect each other and be with each other through all the odds and evens as they journey with life. 

Through time wedding themes, marriage patterns and formats evolved, even the meaning itself has dramatically been altered given the liberality of our society but there’s one element of this institution that stayed and is celebrated until this very day – the ring. The ring as a marriage symbol has a long and rich history, it started as a sign that a woman is no longer available to be taken by other men, it represents possession, but as egalitarianism sets in it changed into what is now a symbol of love, commitment, trust and faithfulness not only for women but also for men. 

Today, this culture is embraced widely and that we can find wedding bonds of all sorts, shapes, designs and sizes from all over. Diamond has been a famous stone that comes along with the wedding ring as it symbolizes eternity and love. Diamond rings are expensive but technology made it easier and cheaper for everyone to avail, hence simulated diamonds were born out of labs with same material component as the real ones only they’re produced in laboratories and not mined underneath. 

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