Are you planning to get married anytime soon? I’m sure by now you’re now cramming for the preparation - the venue, the officiating officer, the food, the flowers, the guests list and most of all the dress. I also have my share of this story that happened 14 years ago. 

When I got married in 1999, I never really notioned of preparing a grand one, I always have this mental picture of a solemn and fervent church ceremony with just few friends and family members around. I thought it was really so, until the day of the wedding when I was caught by surprise that the entire church hall was full of people, “where did these people come from?” I didn’t know my would-be mother-in-law had invited the whole town to attend my wedding. The supposed to be a hundred people on invitation had quadrupled, it was just a relief that the reception was held on a country club gardens where there was an ample space and food for the spillover. 

I went practical with my wedding dress, I was lucky that I have a friend who owned a wedding dress shop during that time, but sadly today, she already went out of business, and she volunteered that I’ll have my dress custom made to my desired design, but it should be returned to her shop for others to rent after the ceremony. My would-be husband wore a pineapple-fibered Barong Tagalog courtesy of our savings. On the sidelight, you might have plans to go practical on your wedding also, it’s the most sensible thing to do when you’re in a tight budget and you can always go for tuxedo rental Greenville SC for quality and neatly designed wedding attire for your groom and even the whole entourage. You can visit their website at 

The honeymoon was crazy, not because we went loose intimately along the way, but we practically left the bag that holds all our plane tickets, instead we took the bus and spent eight hours on the road, it ate up part of honeymoon moment. But it was fun. 

Fast forward today, we’re now enjoying this life despite the odds and evens this marriage has been through for 14 years. God willing I’ll still have this zealous view to see the glass half-full and not half-empty to keep this union going.

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