My first experience of Chiropractic treatment was when I tagged along with my mother to have her back treated years ago. I was apprehensive in the beginning but reading and hearing at the testimonies of those who came in ahead of us made me decide to try. The clinic was small, unlike in Stockton chiropractor, where modern facilities are there and house a number of experiences therapists, his was run unaided. But to be fair his clinic was gleaming clean. The doctor was bony, beardy and old man; I was taken aback and mumbled; 

“Can he really do this without his arms falling apart”, I didn’t see anyone around, sensing our uneasiness, he shoot up a calm and cordial conversation; 

“Don’t worry I do this for a living, and I’m in practice for 40 years now”, I thought;
“wow, how many backs did his hands had run through and how many pains did his hands offered relief to, amazing.”

It was a painful experience for me, well, as always even a light massage pains me what more a treatment that manipulates in aligning my backbones, but it was well worth the time I was grunting in pain with my face down. I was assured my blood circulation will improve and will eventually ease my lower back pains and alas! It really was effective. 

It was said that as early as 2700 BC, the Chinese people already have used this therapy to treat back pains and through time it was acknowledged and recognized as a Complimentary Alternative Medicine for specific physical conditions such as back pains, injuries and as a soft manipulative therapy for post-surgical treatment for spine surgeries and other related medical conditions. 

I highly recommend this traditional treatment, it works well for me and you’ll never know if it will for you unless you try. You can start inquiring at for your first Chiropractic treatment.

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