This is a classic Saddleback Travel Case, it comes with a 100 yr. warranty, made of Stout Full Grain boot leather, No zippers, buttons or any other breakable parts, Detachable shoulder strap and Tough pigskin lining. 

Leather is one of the most durable and flexible materials coming from animal hide that are used to making leathercrafts, they come in different kinds of quality depending on its source and they are the most favored material leather craftsmen use to creating valuable and long-lasting bags. High quality leather bags never goes out of style, in fact as they age their value appreciates and eventually find itself on the list of classic pieces of leathercrafting. These kinds of accessories are worth spending as they guarantee longevity and durability.

I’m actually no stranger to this kind of exchange, most of my bags are hand-me downs from my mother which are made of quality leather material itself, although some parts of it are showing signs of worn-out already, some buckles in fact are beginning to disintegrate but I think this is something I shouldn’t be alarmed at as there are now specialty shops that restore classic leather bags and return them to the way they used to be, unlike the synthetic ones that are sure to land on the bin.

With so many shops and manufacturers selling leather handbags today, how will I ever know that I’m buying the right one? A decent site to start with is to check out www.saddlebackleather.com. The Saddleback is one of the trusted leathercraft stores that are famous for its leather briefcases, travel suitcases, gadget sleeves, leather accessories for both men and women and many more, most of their products showcased outstanding combination of quality, style, design and value. Every product that comes out of their shop is guaranteed to last a hundred years, and this is more than enough to spell quality for every leather art piece you purchase.

Know more about Saddleback Leather Co. by liking their page on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/saddlebackleather

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