I always have this strong conviction that fashion, when truly understood is definitely all about freedom. When women know and understand the lines and curves of their bodies and will have this idea on how to work around with it, this gives women an invaluable self-assurance to be themselves, to feel better and to look their best. 

But just how exactly this should be done? 

Not all women are created the same - physique wise, so it is best to always outline and accentuate your positive sides to draw notice of your strong points. For example; 

  1. If you have bigger bottom and have a smaller top, it is best to highlight the area above your waist and always remember the rule of thumb that less is more. 
  2. If you are blessed with wide hip or thigh, don’t worry, just get into an A-line cut skirts or anything loose to disguise it. Your strong point here is to work on showing some skin on your shoulder area to offset it. 
  3. And if you happen to have narrow hip and slim legs, this isn’t any problem at all; you can always go for ball skirts or designs that will cover this flaw. 
  4. If you’re full breasted, I suggest to not go for tops that will make your breast swell out of the dress, some women though would love to emphasize this but personally I’d still want that little mystery behind the obvious. 

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And granting you’ve chosen your perfect design, here’s some personal I do’s I’d like to share with you; 
  1. First of all, get the best support. Find the correct bra that fits you. There are now cheaper alternatives that work well just like the expensive ones, though only they don’t last longer at least the fit is just right for you. 
  2. Take heed of your undergarments. Some dresses are made of materials so sensitive to protrusions, so note about panty lines and score seamless underwears. There are now full body girdles available at any intimate sections, this may just be a band-aid solution but this will help you hide all those unwanted bulges in an instant so it’s an option to consider. 
  3. Accessorize. Invest on a good pair of nude or black pumps, a good clutch and a nice pair of an all-occasion jewelry set. 
  4. Grooming. The hair can make or break your look so better drop by a salon to have your hair blown or trimmed and styled hours before the event. The nails are all equally important too, have that discernment when to get loud and when to get clean and low with colors. 

So there, I hope I’ve helped a little, thanks for dropping by ladies.

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