As frugal as I am about everything else, I am extra cheap when it comes to clothing and even on the undergarments. Clearly, I don’t buy what the stores call fashion forward clothing; because I believe today’s trend is tomorrow’s donation to Goodwill. Some people might consider that dull. Others might say I prefer classic styles. I accept dull, because dull is more affordable. But even if, like most people, you spend more on clothes than I do, I have some wonderful strategies that can help you cut how much you pay. 

If you buy ahead of the season, you’re going to pay too much. But if all you do is wait until the actual season to buy, you would save a tremendous amount of money, as retailers mark down the merchandise in order to move it. Since, Valentine’s Day is approaching; buying lingerie accessories online is on the hip. Whether you are married, or in relationship, you might want to try these intimate accessories and be seductive to the eye of your partner. 

To complete the sensual experience, you might want to shop for quality and gorgeous intimate cosmetics online. Fragrances, body lotion and powder have a big contribution in teasing your beloved partner. Okay, enough! That is only my wild idea on celebrating Valentine’s Day. I won’t shop for myself, but if the dear husband wants to buy this sexy intimate apparel as a gift for me on Valentine’s Day, hmmm, let’s see what will happen next.

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