I chanced on this meme flooding my FB wall, it seem to have scanned my mind and plastered my thoughts in here, I know I needed to move out of my swivel and go find, ride a seal right now, but oh, this is beyond possibility as there’s none around here, so I’m dropping this option. Sex? Kinda boring to do when you’re tired, unless, probably if it’s with a total stranger I'll met while treading up an exit stair of a 20-story building and I happen to met him at the 14th floor, but I’m no valiant woman, I’m scared of cctvs, they’re scarier than the stranger itself. Hunt a snowboarder? I’m asking myself, if I would be willing to pay the prize? Sounds good but I can’t manage to compensate the damages, lol, besides, where in the tropics can I find a snowboarder? .... ‘at the fridge’, someone here just butted in. 

Anyway, seems like reading a book won, fine, Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon it is! Burnt out? 

Try these…. It seems to be working just so fine with this one burnt out woman.

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