Today’s economy requires a labor force that is competitively skilled to take advantage of the diverse market requirements and moreso to fill in the growing gap of the demanding new financial system. According to, critical thinking ranks No. 1 among the skills job that can surely let you land a job this 2013. IT skills, like computer programming, graphics, electronics and computer hardware related skills and etc. comprised 5 of the 10 skills named. There was no statistics however as to what percentage women are engage into this workforce. 

This kind of robust market give way to other economic nomenclature to surface, we see restaurants, hotels, beauty salons and spas, coffee shops and other specialty stores and shops that facilitate the sustenance of this financial system. While it may sound like an easy discourse, this actually requires training and formal schooling before one gets hired. 

While some women today have taken over the reign in the male domain, some still remain to get stereotyped and stayed to do light skilled labor like, beauty and spa related jobs and etc. The good news is, if you’re interested to master and hone your skills there are beauty schools in Inglewood that can help you improve your skills and be the best in your chosen field. Practical skills programs like manicuring, make-up artistry, barbering, cosmetology, skin care are just few of the programs you can consider enrolling at Marinello Schools of Beauty. And if you’re short in finances, they also have Financial Aid program to help you get through with the school fees. All you have to do is visit this site, and start your way to the top.

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