I’d like to believe this year is really my year, I started with so much blessings on January, projects came pouring in for my husband on February and this March, my OB-Gyne finally signaled the green light so I can start running again, I was just so happy, I’ve been waiting for this time. My doctor told me to stop running last year after I complained of soreness in my C-section line, the doctor was just cautious, I don’t want to aggravate the situation so I followed her advice, up until it’ll be OK, as in internally OK I can start hitting the tracks again, so now I’m back. 

Running has enormous and holistic benefits to humans, it’s one of the compelling and highly effective form of exercise one can engage into without spending so much, it's free and no equipment required, just your right running shoe, a huge pack of motivation and you’re good to go. Studies show the people who run or jog on a regular basis have this propensity to be physically and mentally stable. 

I’m enjoying every round I do at our school’s open track and a friend coach told me to score this Polar RCX 5, it’s a high-tech heart rate monitoring device you can clutch unto your wrist, it can tell or track exactly your performance for the day. This device is also very useful and ideal for use among professional runners, marathoners, triathletes and cyclists etc. to keep track or monitor their accurate heart rate while on training. 

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