Hi! I’m one with the Christiandom in celebrating the day of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Easter. Happy Easter Everyone! It’s been a long weekend and everyone, I suppose, has the time of their lives finding back their souls in places they feel they can relax, loosen up and meditate, I guess all and sundry is ready and renewed for another long and hot summer work ahead. 

I’m married to a stern Roman Catholic faithful so we kept the tradition to just stay home and contemplate. Unfortunately, if I may call it that way, this staycation of prayer has also been a time for us to bond over food and fare. Since eating meat isn’t allowed, aunts from the province who stayed with us for the long weekend has brought us crates of lobsters, crabs and mussels. Lobster for sale at their local market is cheaper since they they’re near the culture pond. 

I know I’m on the verge of committing one of the deadly sins – eating too much lobster in chili garlic, but heavens knows I’ve shared and eat only what is just right, I’m now sounding so defensive, yeah, things people do when they’re a little guilty. But wait before I forget, if you’re living in Canada and find it hard to find lobster in your wet market or in your grocery, you can actually buy lobster online Canada, buying from this site guarantees you to get on your table the best lobster in the world. How I wish we could also do that here, now that my aunts are riding back the bus back home, wish we also order lobster online, who knows next Easter, this kind of seafood online infrastructure might already be in place, I sure would love to repeat such experience. Eating lobster on an Easter!

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