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So you want to look like a Hollywood star? 

Me too I want to look like one, LOL, I mean, me thinking about how it’s like to look like one, probably I’ll start by getting myself an extra sized Jackie-O and wear them even if I’m indoors, I guess it’s the best and the usual way to cover-up the face and hide from the paparazzi. Do this look familiar? 

Hollywood stars are known to be voracious consumers of outrageously expensive designer goods; some even are named after them, so if you want to keep-up with the Hollywood culture, get your pocket drained and go get swipie with your cards at places and shops A-list stars dare to go. 

And to complete that red carpet look don’t forget to have your hair and make-up done by professionals. They’re the best people whose hands can work like magic that can transform you into a camera-ready look girlie in a snap. 

But not everyone is as wealthy and as lucky and as pretty as Angelina Jolie, so here’s one great piece of counsel I can share with you in getting that Hollywood look in a fraction of your money and time, invest on a nice and quality air brush for make up, unlike the traditional make-up where you rub or dab make-up on your skin, airbrushing mists ultra fine liquid-base make-up making it set evenly and lightly on your skin. Since it’s being sprayed, it brings flawless and provides no room for imperfections making your skin beautifully finished and natural looking. It can even set or stay on your skin for 24 hours without smearing, caking or blotching. 

If you haven’t decided on what kind of make-up you’re going to use for your pictorial, wedding or other photo sessions that require close-up shots, this is definitely the kind of make-up method you should consider, it’s purposely made to be flawlessly compatible with high-definition projection. Whether it’s for daily and light make-up or for night and heavy ones, airbrushing make-up definitely delivers without a flaw. And if you plan to buy a set for yourself, Temptu airbrush make-up system is what I highly recommend, they’re engineered for easy and trouble-free use, check out their site for more details and on how to purchase here, http://temptu.com/airbrush-system.

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